Tiny Feather

Look what I found on the floor next to my bed this morning! 😊😊. It is, I believe, the wing of what we call in Norwegian a Night Swarmer, which you in English boringly call a moth 😄😄😄.

But, if we all add a little imagination,it certainly looks like a fairy wing, doesn’t it? 😊

And see who showed up on my balcony later on! 😊

The photo is taken without zoom! I gave him back the feather, maybe that is why he wasn’t scared of me. 😄

East of the Sun, and West of the Moon

The old Norse people believed there was a fine balance between chaos and harmony, and that sometimes chaos had to erupt in order to bring about change and reclaim a new harmony. In such chaotic times, the “Jotne” (the giants) and the gods would fight, some gods would expire, but new heroes would arise, and those heroes would bring about the new harmony. The ultimate chaos was called “Ragnarok”. This was the time when the snake that kept the world in place would die, and all borders would fall.

I think we all go through such battles in our lives, be it an interior battle within ourselves, where chaos threatens to bring down our old beliefs and habits, or an exterior battle; chaos and unrest in the world, when humanity itself is plunged into chaos, and have to find new ways of life to cope with the disrupting changes, and to eventually restore harmony again.

We don’t always bloom where we are planted

Sometimes, where we are planted, is not where we will blossom. Having been given feet, it is up to us to journey to where the soil gives the kind of nourishment we need to grow to our full potential. Let us encourage such pilgrimages, not clip each other’s wings, and force iron bars around the soul.