I’m on the move! 🚀


Just wanted to say that this week I’m on the move again! 😄. I am just moving to another flat, but moving always takes time and effort, so I might not be so active here on my blog this coming week. But I wish all of you an amazingly wonderful week! ❤️🍂☕️🎃.

See you again soon! 😊💖.
Lots of love from Trini 💖💖

A bleak winter night


You are the darkness to my light,
but sometimes, when nights
stretch into days, and I
can’t even see my own hands,
I can still see you.
You are the shiny one then,
a bleak winter night turned
starry and bright, when my summer
sun has long since paled and faded away.

Lay down in a meadow of thistles


I paced those same lanes, believing
they would make me feel as though
I belonged to them, but all they did
was lead my away, like they always
used to do.

Even back then, they were overgrown
with weeds, hiding me and
burning me at the same time,
but, oh how I wanted to lay down
in that beautiful meadow
of purple thistles.

I didn’t even feel the pain,
I just wanted the green of the ground
to reach my heart.

There was always that one path
that I didn’t dare take,
thinking back; perhaps
it was for the better.

I bloomed anyway, didn’t I?
Like a snow flower, I pierced
right up through that ice,
glowing untainted white,
even in all that sunless poverty.

I wanted wings instead


I never really wanted roots, I wanted wings instead,
something to take me away to those places
I believed I belonged to.

I got those wings, and I taught myself
how to fly. But the wings
never stayed on for long,
and each time I fell,
I fell harder, until I
was covered in bruises.

But then you came along,
and even though you didn’t have
any wings, and you didn’t know
how to fly, you rooted those wings
right unto my back,
and they became truly mine
at last,

and I picked you right up and took you with me,
and I, and we, never fell again.