A heart that loves

A heart that loves



ten times

during a day.

A heart that loves



ten times

during a day.

A heart that loves



a patchwork

of joys

and sorrows

with seams

of glowing stiches

sown together

by the resilient



the heartbreaks

there would be

no healing,



there would be no

glowing seams

uniquely crisscrossing

the living heart.

Roaming in Gardens

March has been an impatient and sunny month waiting for good things to grow without water. It has been a month of poetry sprouting from dreams far from maddening crowds and words creating a universe for us to wait in.

It has been a month of growth, of new seeds rising through the surface and lines being drawn on blank canvases. There has been love; love for green things bending their leaves to meet the warm sun, and cheerful prayers whispering: “Grow! Grow! Grow!”.

There has been sleepy cats craving independence and time of togetherness. There has been cottage gardens and yellow flowers, port wine and polka dot pots of basil, bookshops and moonrise kingdoms.

All in all it has been a month where dreams and aspirations have risen to the surface and outgrown and outshone reality. But maybe that is what we need in a world that, for many, no longer feels like home.