Compassion for oneself and others

This beautiful prayer, sung by my favorite spiritual singer Imee Ooi, is perfect for meditation, deep relaxation, prayer and self-love. The prayer is in Pali and is a prayer for compassion and wellbeing for oneself and others. đź’–

I am the one who cry your tears


I am the one who sees
Where those thistles you scatter
So eagerly come from.
I know why you seek out
The barren mud instead of meadows.

I am the one who cry those tears
That dried up behind your eyes so long ago.

Fear no punishment, dear one,
For how can I punish you for being human
When I am the one who gave you
Your humanity?

In me, there is only forgiveness,
You don’t even have to ask,
For I know you better
Than you know yourself.

Where Currents are Skimming


Find me by the foot of the mountains
Bound by the ribbons of time
Under leafy shadows of naked trees
Will I take you by the hand

Find me where currents are skimming
Baptizing reeves in my broth
Where shores are met with abandon
And cliffs are toned by your loss

Find me in the blackest hours
Where my eyes will see without words
Where woods orchestrate prayers
To calm the rush of the twisting worlds

Here we will walk together
Under the lightening tail of the wind
A single print of an hour
To mark the life that has been

Another Togetherness


We cry for what we don’t have,
for what is taken away from us, but perhaps
It is because of that longing and those dreams
we turn inside, and seek out
Another light, and another togetherness
that can never be taken away from us.

A Stranger’s Smile


You left me behind for a while
Or perhaps it was me leaving you,
My fear darkened my sight so much
I didn’t even realize you were gone,
The beating of my heart drowned out
Your voice, and I almost thought
It was going to stop, that you were going to stop
Loving me, but then, out of the blue
A stranger smiled, to me, only to me, and I
Remembered how it felt like to be loved
By someone like you.

Gentle hands touching stone


As time passes there is change.
Some things get broken and some things get lost.

A bird loses its feather as it brushes against stone.
A hand touches the feather, bravely.
It carries life, eternity, unlimited grace.

There are ropes, tearing apart,
there is breaking free,
and cliffs, Rocks, Changing…
becoming soft,
and gentle hands touching stone, bravely.
Carrying life,
Carrying eternity…