I’m dreaming of a white Christmas


Being from Norway, most of my Christmases have been white, but after moving to India…well let us just say….Merry Tropical Christmas!!πŸ˜€

I always miss Norway a lot this time of year, I mean who doesn’t miss their home around Christmas time!❀ Especially when your home is half way around the world!

So my family sent me some photos from home, wasn't that nice! This is how it looks like in Stavanger, Norway now. (No snow yet, but I am sure it will come soon!)


The little lake (it is my auntie standing thereπŸ™‚ )


Santa knocking on the shop window!πŸ˜€


My favorite Flower shop!


I hope you enjoyed the little tour!
Thank you family for lovely photos!!❀

I had such a yearning for those bells


As the bells started chiming, faintly at first,
I opened the window, and a gust of cold air
Hit me in the face. The echo of the bells
Filled the room behind me, taking up space,
But so did the cold, and someone shouted:
Close that damn window! I didn’t oblige though.
Somehow, the cold air felt warm and inviting,
And I had such a yearning for those bells..
Didn’t you hear what I said? The window closed
Brusquely before me, and the room effortlessly
dispelled the cold, and the bells faded
Into oblivion.

As her footprints deepen


The night had crept upon me slowly,
Unaware, there was nowhere to turn.
In utter blackness, I heard them,
It was too much snow to tell, but the
Snorts revealed a flock of deer,
Roe deer or perhaps reindeer,
They were coming my way.
The leader, a beautiful doe,
Halted and looked at me.
There was something in her eyes,
A reflection, all lit up, it reminded me
Of someone I had forgotten, a treasure
I had perhaps stopped chasing, but
When the doe turned and headed for
The forest, I decided to follow her.
I am still, following her I mean.
And little by little, as her footprints deepen,
I begin to remember, just who
She reminds me of…

Always ready to crush the icicles in my stuttering breath


Every night it was the same:
Abandonment. But, when I turned
Over, and looked at your
Sleeping face, it said the opposite:
Faithfulness. I still had to get up,
And watch the coming of dawn,
Even after the snow. But you
Always slept
Through the sunrise, even when
The seasons changed,
I changed, but you,
Stayed the same: cheeks
Glowing with summer and
Youthfulness,always ready
To crush the icicles in my stuttering

There was nothing left of me but diamonds


I crossed that white frozen-over moor
As slowly as I could. There was only the moon
For light. The icy snow was glazed with
Hoarfrost, shimmering and slippery. How still
It was, not a breath of wind, only tree-less peaks,
Stagnant and tall. I was the only living thing there,
Against, not a sky, no, it was more of an inscrutable
Vastness threatening to swallow my every step,
And devour me in its, not stillness, but complete
Absence of sound, yet, I was not scared, no,
It was more of the opposite, I rejoiced, for this,
This overpowering inscrutability that should have
Made me feel small and insignificant, did the
Opposite, it made me feel like everything.
It wasn’t a black hole into which everything emerged,
It was white light, reflecting everything, but
Taking in nothing. And for one night, and
One night only, I was that white light.
I was the midwinter and I was the moor, and my skin
Disintegrated and there was nothing left of me
But diamonds, scattering angelically on
The icy snow, covered
in someone’s Footprints.

Covered in Frost Bites

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

I stood there by the black motionless sea
Waiting for a boat to take me home.
I had never been so cold in my life, even though
I wore layers of clothes. (I didn’t want to
Carry so much luggage.)
I was still covered in frost bites. But
I kept pinching my white cheeks
To create the illusion of happiness. I was going
Home after all. If only that stagnant sea
Could start moving.