The first Sunday of Advent

Shine a light

By: Eyvind Skeie

(Translated from Norwegian to English by yours truly)

Shine a light, a light will shimmer

For our beloved Home.

The star on the horizon

Where all of us belong.

May hope be everlasting

Promising us love.

May Heaven meet our heartbeat

And find in us a home.

Some news and an apology

Dearest Friends!

First I want to say to those of you who have blogs of your own: I am so sorry that I have not been to visit your blogs lately! It is all related to the news, which is: I am moving! I have been living more or less like a nomad lately, but have now decided to settle down in one place for a while. Much of this is due to the pandemic, and because of the pandemic moving is also more challenging than normal. I am not making the final move until a month from now, but there is lots to do and prepare before that and that is why I have not been so active here on my own blog and on your beautiful blogs as well. I hope this will change soon, though! I am moving to a house by the sea on an island, closer to my family and friends, but still with a chance of being on my own to write and paint. I will tell you more about it later.

Have a lovely lovely week everyone!

And thank you for being here even though I have not been able to make return visits! That means a lot to me!

Lots of love from me to you!