A Quiet room


And there was the sea
with its star-spangled
rolling over fields
of coraline transparency
each one holding within
a quiet room
for my mind to rest in
And beyond…
a moonrise
to foreign lands

and I knew then:
this is how
you find your soul

25 thoughts on “A Quiet room

    • Thank you! When I was little and felt lost I used to go to the sea to be with my soul 🙂 Sometimes I would even skip school and walk four hours to be with my soul on my favorite beach 🙂

    • Yes, me too 🙂 I always find it by the sea. My first memories of being with my soul is by the sea 🙂 Now I try to carry that sea within so I can find that quiet room anytime wherever I am. But sometimes I just need the sea 🙂 🙂

  1. This fills my soul! And the last line…perfect! Many blessings and pure peaceful love to you my sweet friend. ~Matthew

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