On Stillness’ Shores

2016-04-29 17.48.08

Let us leave the night to its shadows
as though darkness’ breathing
were forever stilled
Let us swim across the keening river
where ghostly waters pale and cream
then dance around its lucent rim
like spirit-blooms in tranquil fields

Let us journey on to stillness’ shores
where immemorial seas grow young
removing veils of skulking shades
where untrod secrets are kept
then sketching dreams on barren sands
in prayers’ sea-borne nests


13 thoughts on “On Stillness’ Shores

  1. I swim with you side by side as together we gain Stillness’ Shore. We gaze into each others’ eyes, knowing we truly have arrived. Silence. ONE. LOVE. Together. Beautiful, Trini. Thank you. Love, Amy

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