Yesterday’s Last Kiss


Could I lie once more
in the breathing brooks
of twilight dim
and fill my heart
with each haunted place
I saw upon your lips
I would walk again
through winds of dreams
as though I was a ship
a’blow, adrift
to the shore
of yesterday’s last kiss

39 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Last Kiss

    • Thank you ❤ She is okay. Her granddaughter said to her (at the funeral) : Oh, I will never get married if this is how love works. Then my friend said: I am so so lucky to have someone to long for, to have loved and been loved in return, now the memories of that love will keep me happy for the rest of my life ❤

  1. Ship adrift to shore of yesterday’s last kiss is a refreshing piece of imagery, Trini, may fairer winds take that ship to many more enchanting shores of loving bliss…

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