In the Depth of You

I drowned myself
In the depth of you
And resurrected
As a constellation of Light.

In your labyrinth
Of added lives
I became lost
In your trackless breath,
I rose and fell,
Rose and fell.
Until I merged
Carrying your soul
Upon my back.

56 thoughts on “In the Depth of You

  1. Carrying you on my back! I like that part! I was thinking Trini sometimes I wish for someone like that. Just a little! My heart is changing so I’m open to that wish one day! ❀ Isn't that odd how afraid one can be to love? ❀

  2. You were dropped from my Reader AGAIN. I’m so sorry about that Trini. I wondered what what was going on. I’m “following” you again, but make no promises that you won’t disappear again. This is a lovely poem and a gorgeous photo. πŸ™‚

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