This photo is a part of a series of Art Photos. I haven taken the photo in Norway. The photos are not composed, planned or put together, I simply found the feathers like this.


19 thoughts on “Survivor

  1. Oh I love it! It is so beautiful to capture that special moment that nature give us that’s why I love photography and if I see whatever I am doing something that catch my eyes I have to take a photo! Beautiful shot Trini ❤

    • Yes, me too!! For me, that is what photography is about! With all the new fancy camera phones, anyone can take a good picture, the artistery lies in seeing the beauty in a moment, capturing something, whic is in itself simple, but that, given the right angle and focus, becomes something extraordinarily beautiful, something which makes us feel something beyond the concrete image. 😊

      • You nailed Trini you just said what I feel about Photography. I am totally agree this is… that special ability to see and capture that instant having the ability, like you said, to capture that moment in a special angle, light and focus that will give that exraordinary uniqueness in a shot…this is just how I see it! ❤

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