Light, Stillness, Embrace


Let us bathe in the tranquility of existence,
Reflecting on the outside the light of our being.
Let your thoughts run passed you,
This is all there is now.
Light,Stillness, Embrace.

All the voices you fear
do not feel at home here.
Open your heart,
This is what you longed for,
This moment,
Light, Stillness,Embrace.

A sea that moves, Slowly,
Like a sleeping pulse.
A flow of life and moments,Throbbing,
Like a buoy on gentle waves.
This is us, you know,
Sailing here,Sleeping here.

The passing clouds, and the wheeling light.
Wind,Brushing, Carrying,
Leaves scattering on white foam.
This is us, you know.
Light,Stillness, Embrace.

You are so soft, the hands of time
disappear into you.
There is no resistance,there are no walls,
No skin,
Only light, Stillness,Embrace.

This is us, you know,
Eternal beings,Singing
like seabirds in sunset.
A moon overheard, Waning, Rising, Afloat
Scattering on waves, like White shadows,
Dancing into you.

We accept all, Receive all, there are
No boundaries,
Only light, Stillness,Embrace.

Night comes at us,
This is us, you know,
Afloat On darkness,
Stars wheeling overhead,
Scattering into us.

There are no memories,
No wishes,
Only light, Stillness, Embrace.

This is us, you know.
Nothing, And everything.
Light, Stillness, Embrace.

Winds, Breath,Change.
A dove sailing ashore,
Touching the surface
with a frail wing,
Sand brushed aside.

Home of light, Home of Stillness,Home of Embrace.
Home brushed into you,

This is us, you know,

Balancing overhead, Beneath,Inside.
This is home,

This is us, you know,
Light, stillness, embrace.


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