Comfort in dark nights


Softly glowing Windows offer
Comfort in dark nights
If you have an invitation
Otherwise, they are the saddest
Thing you’ll ever see.


19 thoughts on “Comfort in dark nights

  1. When I was single and lonely, I really liked coffee shops or bookstores where I could be around people and read and no one would bother me, and I wasn’t the only one alone. Hanging out with my dogs helped too.

    • Thank you! 🙂 Yes, yes it is. I remember in my college days, I was so lonely, and I used to walk alone in the evenings looking in through windows where people where having a good time together, it was such a painful feeling. But it was just for a while, and I had people who loved me, just not right there at that time, but it made me think of those who really do not have anyone….who has to even sleep outside and spend holidays alone….It made me want to open my own windows and invite everyone inside 🙂

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