I find myself always returning to the sea


I find myself always returning to the sea
It is perhaps the way it changes color…
Or the reckless disregard for time
Always at the ebb and rise…
Of mania or depression
Sneaking in between the sighs of
Rattling currents.
Or it is the overhanging sky…
Abundant or barren, but never more
Than rippling silhouettes skimming
Extravagantly on oppressive waves.

When I stand on a beach by the sea…
I am nothing, but a Fata Morgana of God’s dream
Playing on the shore’s horizon, dashing into
The sea’s impenetrable darkness.
I am a twisted limb of cloud plunging
Into a black underworld of twiggy leaves
Swaying in and out of azure solar winds.
I am nothing, but a hunter, fleeing
Toothy corals and spiked hearts,
While trying desperately to excavate
Pieces of myself…

I’ve learned how little the sea carries
How it snaps flickers of lights into
Shadows and spits drifted men ashore.
I find myself always returning to the sea
Perhaps it is the dark, unending flight
Of the streaming mind,
Perhaps it is the hunter at my back
Or the overhanging sky.
Perhaps…I don’t know, but
I always find myself returning to the sea…


31 thoughts on “I find myself always returning to the sea

  1. Very beautiful Trini. The sea has always had an impact on me…I think it is the raw power and majesty of Mother Earth, showing she is always creating and shaping, but always in balance by encouraging life within it.
    Great share 🙂

    • Yes, I know what you mean. Somehow the sea always feels like home as well to me. Like, when I am close to the sea, I feel close to home, because the sea leads everywhere. 😊😊😊

  2. Beautiful written Trini 🙂
    I understand you feelings about the sea so much. I stay by the sea daily here, do my meditation there too, when possible without other people there in the morning. I love the power of the sea.

    • Thank you! 🙂 Yes, I grew up by the sea, and my parents had a boat, so I spent every weekend and vacation on the sea, so I am very close to the sea 🙂 But now I miss it, as I live a little away from the seaside, and I keep dreaming about it 🙂 You are so lucky to live by the shore and to go there daily ❤

  3. Trini Every time I come and bathe in your words.. you reflect the vastness of spirit within… Gifted beyond words my sweet sweet soul.. Your Love for Being apart of the Presence of the vast sea is a reflection of truth that you so eloquently put into words… Thank you always for sharing yourself so full of heart.. You help us all “SEE” with our own hearts… Heart to Heart Robyn

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