A place to grow great in


She looked out
Unto the vast sea,
And felt the opportunities
Pulling her in all directions.
It was as though the world
Was a place for her
To grow great in.


15 thoughts on “A place to grow great in

      • Oh! How beautiful! This is the first time I hear this name. Tell me something about you. Is it a country? City? Who is your leader? What of your population? Do your people like strangers? Are you kind to strangers? Thanks for letting me know about your land.

      • Stavanger is in Norway, on the South-West coast. Norway is a country in Scandinavia in North Europe. The population is little under 5 million. It is known for being rich in oil and having a beautiful nature. I don’t know how people coming from other cultures feel they are treated in Norway, I would love to say that they are treated kindly, but being a Norwegian myself I am not sure if I qualify to give the correct answer. Immigration to Norway is close though, so that may reflect the general attitude. Only refugees qualifying for the UN quota is allowed to migrate to Norway. Norway is not a member of the EU, but has membership in Schengen, so all EU nationals can come and live and work freely in Norway. People in Stavanger, or Norwegians in general, are known to be a bit “cold” and shy, not someone who will likely talk to strangers, but we are both humble and very polite. So a bit of bad, a bit of good, like with most people. 😊

      • You are so sweet. See how much time you’ve taken to respond to me. I appreciate that. We all have a bit of bad and a bit of good. My love to all the people of Norway. Tell those around you I love all of you. We learned about Norway in school and I am happy to interact with someone from Norway.

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