In which the soul abides


Somewhere between the comings and goings of
the anarchical dominions of the modern mind
Lies an unexplored kingdom of old-fashioned slowness
In which the soul abides.


27 thoughts on “In which the soul abides

  1. That is very interesting point Trini…one day in my travels with spirit I was shown an amazing thing. While ‘in spirit’ I just ‘was’. I didn’t have to acknowledge time, for it didn’t exist. Everything just ‘was’.
    I think in human form we have been slowed right down, even though we think the speed of light is incredible, beyond that is a place that is ‘amazing’, and just ‘is’.
    All I could think (knew) was…we have to go faster and faster to reach that place that is ‘stopped’, but not, because within it, is ‘everything’ πŸ˜€
    Great post Trini, and it IS a place created with great beauty πŸ˜€ ❀

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