Walking along the empty highway


Those mornings were so quiet,
Walking along the empty highway with
A myriad of white stars overhead.
The snow would give way under my boots
And make that delicious frost-shoveling sound.
But what I will never forget is that dark
Blue eternity-bound sky, without
A wisp of cloud or amber streaks of sun.
The road went on for miles, and the fences
Were high, but it was always too early for cars.
I never thought of anything, but
Sometimes I would sing, and laugh out loud
When I saw signs announcing:
Private Property, no trespassing.
When the highway ended and the city started
I could smell bread coming out of ovens, and
My intellect yawned and rose and craved coffee.
But, I kept a smile, and a part of me stayed
Behind, on the empty highway with the stars
And that blue sunless sky, sowing stitches
Of nothingness, to patch up
my forgotten self.


31 thoughts on “Walking along the empty highway

    • Oh, that sounds so lovely! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–. This poem is inspired by my daily walks to my college. My first class started at 8 A.M, and it was a long walk so I had to start at 6-6.30. In winter it was still dark of course during the entire walk, but in Norway, winter nights aren’t black but deep deep midnight blue. I miss that light. 😊

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