To let in the Darkness


I pulled the curtains to let in
The darkness outside. After you
Had lit the fireplace, I craved it.
I knew the trees were covered in snow.
The cold light of the half moon
Reminded me that it was below freezing
Out there. Even the red-breasted birds
Had gone to sleep. But I would not sleep.
I opened the windows instead, and my breath
Came out in gusts of thin unformed
Clouds. The sharp cold air frosted
My throat and iced my tongue, and I
Smiled as I leaned into the fireplace
You were tending. The heat blazed around me,
But this time, I did not back away.


12 thoughts on “To let in the Darkness

  1. Balance…it all has purpose Trini, even the darkness. It allows us to then really appreciate the light that we have discovered 😀
    Well written and a lovely share, thank you! 😀 ❤

    • Yes, exactly, Mark! 🙂 For me, I have always loved that balance, I love twilight and dawn, spring and autumn, I love light within when there is darkness outside, I love the moon better than the sun 🙂 Thank you so much, Mark 🙂

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