There was nothing left of me but diamonds


I crossed that white frozen-over moor
As slowly as I could. There was only the moon
For light. The icy snow was glazed with
Hoarfrost, shimmering and slippery. How still
It was, not a breath of wind, only tree-less peaks,
Stagnant and tall. I was the only living thing there,
Against, not a sky, no, it was more of an inscrutable
Vastness threatening to swallow my every step,
And devour me in its, not stillness, but complete
Absence of sound, yet, I was not scared, no,
It was more of the opposite, I rejoiced, for this,
This overpowering inscrutability that should have
Made me feel small and insignificant, did the
Opposite, it made me feel like everything.
It wasn’t a black hole into which everything emerged,
It was white light, reflecting everything, but
Taking in nothing. And for one night, and
One night only, I was that white light.
I was the midwinter and I was the moor, and my skin
Disintegrated and there was nothing left of me
But diamonds, scattering angelically on
The icy snow, covered
in someone’s Footprints.


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