To Become a Galaxy


There I was on the white and blue tundra
In the middle of the night.
A loneliness of space and time
Surged through me,
With the knowledge of a thousand
Undiscovered galaxies
Withering into earth
By the autumn death of leaves and limbs.
A white bird dove passed me and I startled
As it brushed its wing against my face,
Taking with it a tiny dusting of skin cells
On its migratory journey.
Maybe if I stood there forever
I would erode
As millions of birds moved south.
To become
A galaxy all in my own.


21 thoughts on “To Become a Galaxy

  1. Oh, Trini, how lovely!! ❀ We went to beach today and the waves were really huge and I thought I saw a millon birds drifting above my head.
    Klem til deg ❀

  2. Wow Trini.. this poem sent a delightful shiver through to my spine.. your imagery of the Stars of the Universe coupled with the millions of birds flying south…. Beautifully captivated my images in my mind
    You are such a talented poet my friend..
    Love and Hugs ❀

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