Not Being Merely Pilgrims


They hid their agendas in rocks on mountains
Murmuring prayers as they moved on.
The sun was not yet up when this happened,
It was cold and misty,and the black land was
Waiting for dawn. They stumbled passed the colored flags
And tried not to leave their footprints in the pebbled sand.
But not being merely pilgrims they were in a hurry,
And some things were left turned, and this is how
They unwillingly left their mark, like waves against cliffs,
A mere trifle at first, but then forever changing the course
Of growing things, a little destruction to help things along.
That is what they do, the wanters and needers,
They move things along, always in a hurry, and
Always with an agenda, even if it is
Hidden in rocks on mountains.


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