The Destination of my Pilgrimage


I looked into the eyes
Of a sparrow and found
The destination of my pilgrimage:
Absolute unconditional


21 thoughts on “The Destination of my Pilgrimage

  1. Freedom glimpsed is indeed freedom how lovely, feeling so grateful for this poem it reminds me of how lucky I am to have much freedom ,when I feel the loss of freedom deep inside my heart I know that I and only me holds the key to unlock my freedom. It took me a while to know this many times I longed for something outside of me to unlock that door until someone told me that it was me and only me that kept locking the door to my freedom. I could keep writing , your poems always stir me gently to unlock some of that freedom .xx

    • Oh, thank you so so much! Yes, I believe we are born to be free, but many of us have someone locking that door and putting us in chains very early in life, and for many it can be difficult to break free, even when our jailers are gone, we have gotten so used to that leash that we get all confused without it, like a wild animal held in captivity for a long time then released into the wild. It can sometimes take time before we understand that we are actually free! 😊😊😊😊😊😊

      • Yes we do get confused as we travel our own roads. Sometimes I think to read about others who have succeeded in setting their spirit free gives us courage to to take that leap of faith and other times I think we are too hard on ourselves and forget the freedom we have embraced at times . I am now 61 and worry sometimes that I may not have achieved my full potential I suppose and wonder if I should be doing more with this wonderful gift of life . I really would not like to have to say I wish I had done this or that when my days are done . I do believe if we are in good mental health that we have the key to unlock our freedom . Love your posts they always speak to me and you create such wonderful images with your words a true artist happy days from Kathy xx

      • Thank you, Kathy! I have a friend who is now 67, at 60 she moved to the country of her dreams, bought her own house and started studying archeology. She is now an archeologist and is super happy in her new life. I have another friend, she is now 73, and at 67 she opened her own vintage dress shop, a dream she’d had since she was a little girl! That shop is now famous all over the country for its exquisite vintage clothing. So it is never too late!😊😊😊😊. But all this is of course not for everyone, and I think it is perfectly fine to just sit back and read too, as long as that is what we want to do! 😊😊

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