Playing catch with my heart…

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Have you ever felt like people are playing catch
With your heart? And you … you just stand there,
Dumbfounded, not possessing the motor skills
You need to try to get it back.
And the ones who love you…
They either join in the game for you, but
When they finally catch your heart they keep it,
Claiming they do a better job protecting it than you do,
Or push you hard into the game while they mock you
On the sideline for not doing a good enough job
Taking care of your heart…


21 thoughts on “Playing catch with my heart…

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  2. Ah…dear Trini. You have captured something here…and yes…I have felt this way. I day be free and ignore those who have an opinion…trust youraelf…trust God! β™‘β™‘β™‘

  3. Aw…yes! ❀ And ultimately, your heart knows YOU better than anyone else knows you. Tuning into its wisdom, you remember your essence. Your heart expands to encompass everything in the known universe. And the game becomes how to catch your own heart in the act of such enormous expansion. When all of it is held within you, it is all a part of you, and the little games that people play…just a flutter of your own heart beat. You are magnificent! ❀ ❀ ❀

  4. You are an incredible treasure my friend, this is why they are attracted to you or acting out of jealousy. I know how suffocating their energies can be, and the building of personal boundaries has always been a struggle for me too, as they do not come natural to empaths, but exactly therefore, they are of vital importance. I thought also of you while reading [this article], and I have also collected some invaluable resources [here].
    Let us be feeling those wings around us, dearest Trini; let us be mending our auras with their divine help.
    Love and strength your way always 🙏 💛 Leon

    • Thank you so much, Leon! 😊. Yes, I know, it is all about those boundaries, and it is as you said: difficult for us to put them up, it doesn’t feel natural, it feels hostile. But I know they are very much needed. 😊. I think I am still in a bit of denial when it comes to human nature, it is difficult to accept that some people would deliberately hurt, dominate or take advantage of others. But I guess that is the truth. Unfortunately so many people still live from their egos only, and their souls, their empathy, stays buried deep inside. Thank you for the links! πŸ’–

  5. This does talk to me a lot Trini. It’s hard. It’s a proces of setting boundaries. Thats does not seem natural but sometimes it’s key so we can lead a peaceful life. Beautifully penned dear. take Care

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