Innocence Transforming


50 thoughts on “Innocence Transforming

    • Yes, exactly! I mean, just listen L’OrΓ©al’s slogan: You are worth it. They are appealing to our worth as human beings when they advertise makeup and cosmetics! Brands sell images to kids to make them feel worth something, image today has become synonymous with personality, and you can shop one of those online, already approved of by those who matter. It’s ridiculous!

      • Tell me about it.
        “image today has become synonymous with personality”
        –Wow! That’s a powerful line there. The unfortunate thing is that so many of these young children buy into it. It comes from consumerism, greed and vanity I think.
        Please do have a lovely week Trini.

      • Yes exactly! We need more alternative role models, but unfortunately they are not given any time or space today, because what they have to say doesn’t sell. It’s awful. Every industry today is run by money, be it music, art, literature, it is only out to sell. Thank god we at least have social media! But even here I am quite disappointed to see that, when given a choice, most people choose fashion blogs, fitness blogs, beauty, gossip etc. I guess, that is easier, I mean our more shallow sides, our vanity for example, are easier seduced. The problem is though, when we choose to only focus on those sides, they grow and grow, and soon take over our whole personality, and the soul gets crushed and forgotten. But who is to blame? My brother says that the media only gives people what they want, if people wanted something else, something more substantial, the media would give them that, because for them, it is only about money.

      • Trini, you said it all here. And it’s true. The media is looking for sensationalism and what will bring in the bucks.
        “Every industry today is run by money, be it music, art, literature, it is only out to sell.”
        –I participated in an arts (sort of arts history) conference/seminar last year that went a little bit into this. It spoke about art through the ages and how it’s changed along with the sociological state (at least of the western world). There was discussion about how artists in the past would work as an apprentice, in groups, with mentors and so on. They would create within the security of community and grow safely within this community. Now-a-day, it’s just as you said, ‘all about industry.’ Whether it’s good or not, it’s all about whether it will bring in money. That’s the unfortunate reality of world now-a-day, isn’t it Trini.
        On a happier note, I wish you a lovely and restful weekend.
        πŸ™‚ ❀

      • Yes, exactly!! That is how it is! πŸ‘πŸ». I am heving some problem with my shoulder so I have to keep the replies a little short, sorry ☹️. But have a lovely week ahead! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

      • Oh no problem. I know how it is to have problems with the shoulders. Not fun.
        You take care of yourself and have a great week.
        πŸ™‚ ❀

    • Yes, I know, it is horrible really. Consumerism has completely taken over. And it is also destroying the fun and expressive part of fashion. I mean, I am someone who has always loved dressing up to express myself, I love colors and choose colors according to my mood. My granny told me that when she was a teenager, buying a new dress was like magical! You dreamt of it for weeks, imagining what it would look like, and when you finally bought it you were so proud and happy. That part has gone away now, it is always instant gratification, and clothes are bought to match up to whatever image is trending. You pretty much buy your worth, your personality, your likeability, and popularity nowadays. Who you are, what you feel like, and what you love has nothing to do with it. It is the age of the ego.

  1. It does seem to be becoming the almighty dollar at any cost Trini…the care factor is becoming harsher and harsher. I just hope that the balance can intercept in some way and bring some sanity back into the world that seems to be reaching some crisis point πŸ˜€ ❀

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