Walking down a lonely road

I’m walking down a lonely road
I wish time wasn’t walking along,
Seeing faces and places;
Reminders of home.

There is snow on the signposts,
Autumn’s clutter in the guts,
Beaten down tracks of
Asphalt and stone.

I’m walking down a lonely road
I wish I wasn’t walking alone,
Seeing white-painted crossings
Faded and gone.

There are untouched skipping stones
In sea-washed harbors,
And crab traps left
To yellow and grow old.

I’m walking down a lonely road
Where possibilities’ shop
Has long since been closed,
Leaving only in its wake
Miles and miles of unclaimed love.


42 thoughts on “Walking down a lonely road

    • I agree, but I think it is a beautiful sadness. To me, melancholy is the awareness of loss; knowing that everything will be taken away from us, but in light of that knowledge we become more aware of how intensely beautiful everything is, and we love the more for it. That is what autumn signifies to me. 😊😊

  1. A beautifully written tug to our hearts Trini, a remembrance to those times gone by. And like all emotions in our lives, there is opposites so that we can appreciate being exactly who we are. Your melancholy has a beautiful thread to the past, with its opposite is those times of joy of the many things we are looking forward to, and then appreciate because of them πŸ˜€
    And your heart is on that pulse young lady, in sharing that beautifully balanced place within so you can share in such a wonderful way. Thank you for dancing in that light ❀

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