We are rivers

We are all rivers cascading
From different peaks.
I see you running
Towards the ocean,
Tumbling in between rocks.
But above you, where you
Refuse to look,
There is a pale, but determined
And when I see your
Foaming raging breath,
There are colors
In every angry tear,
Transforming even your screams
Into something beautiful.


39 thoughts on “We are rivers

      • Yes, we all do, dearest Trini, us empaths included, who, even in our dark days, tend to care more for others than for ourselves. This can lead to our detriment, unless we are blessed to travel with the love of soul family in our hearts. I thank you beyond words and pray for your beloved Light always.

        (Can I keep [this] on our sidebar [which links to your post here], if it’s not embarrassingly pompous?)

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