The sun is pouring like rain

The winter clouds are hovering
Above the blue sea.
The sun is pouring like rain,
Skipping in silver Wellingtons
On thinly iced surface.
And seabirds open
their black and white wings
To let drops of white gold
Plate their feathers.


29 thoughts on “The sun is pouring like rain

      • I went looking for ‘Lysleite’ Trini and the only meaning I can find is a film and soundtrack called Lysleite. I take it that it is a particular type of light? A reflection from the snow because your affected by the partial darkness at wintertime? πŸ˜€

      • That film is about looking for light in winter 😊😊. Lys means light and Leite means looking for. It is not really a particular light, but light is difficult to find in parts of Norway during the winter, but many of us believe that that is when you are really seeing the light, when you have to look for it that is. 😊

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