Where the sun rise against the cold

Just like the days of my childhood
When the stream was too long
For darkness to fall,
Melancholy has lived in me,
With Its moss and grey rocks.
I’ve hurried slowly towards the peaks
Where the sun rise against the cold
And Nightshimmer drift on the kneeling hills.
Only to whisper loudly in the frail dark
Of longings and memories
That were not my own.


16 thoughts on “Where the sun rise against the cold

  1. This one really speaks to me Trini. Gave me goose bumps. So like my own feelings as a child. I was in Scotland when I was seven just after my mother’s divorce in Reno US. I was very melancholy. Walking in the hills with my sad imaginings. No one explained to me what was going on, hoping to shield me. It had the opposite effect.

    • I have had such melancholy walks many times myself. When I was a child the forest and mountains were my refuge. It is really tough on a child when the adults keep secrets like that, pretending everything is fine when it clearly isn’t. That really gave me anxiety when I was little, when sad things were hidden and people pretended they weren’t there. Thank you for sharing your childhood story, it really touched me. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

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