Are you like a Snowflower?

Are you like a Snowflower
deeply rooted in the present
Despite the gypsy snow?
Or are you like a whirlwind
Pushing clouds like lavish migrants
To wander to and fro?
Dreams can be thorny roses
And todays can be the cost
When you always heed the calling
Of the future’s sunwarmed host.

16 thoughts on “Are you like a Snowflower?

  1. Faces are indeed seldom the same, so unavoidably reading into intentions has often been proven quite superfluous, and unnecessarily upsetting. Je parle pour moi. Much love and gratitude always 💖🙏

      • Oh, that is so sweet of you to say! 💖💖💖. I am, for sure, someone who gets very excited about life! 😄😄😄. And I love to feel joyful! 🎉🥳🎉🥳. And honestly, I feel so happy to have this platform where I can share my work and people actually appreciate it! 😃. I have published a little of my work in newspapers and magazines, but I honestly prefer this way, on my blog, then you actually get to interact with the people who read your work and appreciate it! And that is such an inspiration!! 💖💖💖😊

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