Return of Happiness

“ Soon happy, carefree days will come back to us and merriment will brightly illuminate shady spots. “

Lily of the Valley in the Victorian Language of Flowers

9 thoughts on “Return of Happiness

    • Thank you so much!😊💖🌸 Lily of the Valley is such a sweet and lovely flower! 😊💖🌸💖.But Daffodils are beautiful too! In Norwegian we call them Easter Lily 😊😊

  1. Already got mine, the sun is shining, the air is so clear and I can hear so many birds that I haven’t heard for quite some time Trini. And as for those pesky humans, they’ve all suddenly become very happy with hello’s and smiles all around. And to be honest I think they are actually enjoying it 😂 🤣
    My magic has happened ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

    • That’s so great, Mark! 😊😊👍🏻. The same thing is happening in Norway. People are smiling and greeting each other, and that never happened before the virus breakout. In Norway people are generally very reserved and private and strangers will never smile or say hello to each other, but that seems to have changed now. I hope it lasts! 😊

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