Living with open wounds

They say we all live with scars, but some of us live with open wounds that never truly heal, they flare up sometimes and bleed all over again. But we learn to accept them as part of who we are. It is possible to feel happiness, to take joy and to laugh out loud while still living with wounds with nothing but a couple of self-sewn stitches to prevent them from splitting apart anew.

11 thoughts on “Living with open wounds

  1. Wow, the image and your words together make the magic. I bet that is what you see in those flowers and not merely a complement decorating your words. That is how it is for me anyway: I see these things in the nature frames themselves. I think I committed to writing a creative nonfiction book down this path…

    • Yes, the Flowers are the stitches, the beautiful thread that mends the wound. That is always why, for me, people with wounds are the most beautiful and interesting people. They are also often the most compassionate and loving πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–.

  2. Scars and wounds are there, part of our journey, a reminder as well of what we went through and overcame.
    Thank you for your words Trini. As always they touch me deeply. πŸ’–.πŸ™πŸ»

  3. Indeed, Trini. We all have wounds and they are part of our journey through this lifetime. But they are not part of who we are. Genuinely understanding that brings deep healingπŸ’–.

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