I have been expressing myself through my little pen drawings lately rather than through poetry, sometimes the soul wants to communicate a little differently 😊😊.

32 thoughts on “Sanctuary

  1. LOL, and after hitting Send and stopping back up to steep in the image some more… it hit me… THEY are working on the same tree. YES! There’s no Above and Middle and Below. They ARE. They are Both/And at one and the same time together.

    BIGGER Yes! I will take these ablution tingles cascading throughout me to throughout the evening. What a consummate gift to experience such resonance. You might have well traqnsported me to The Temple of Luxor at Karnak with R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz there with me to have conversations full-on MINUS his politics.

    Oh, being so enamored in the image upon revisiting, I forgot something…


    • Yes! That is one of the things I try to convey with my art: that connection. A little bit inspired by the mythological upside-down growing tree. The thought of a continuum, and of course, how those roots connect us all and everything. I love the Luxor analogy! πŸ˜ƒ. Great!

  2. THere’s also a deceptive simplicity present that shows a Shadow Numen above, though the mirrored roots which are a natural quality of a standalone tree are not omitted, they are implied. As Above, So Below,… and the ability of the Small to engage the Large… comes from the strong and unseen root structure?

    Love it, Trini! Love that what’s unsaid functions as functionally as it does in the β€œnon-verbals” of this image. A bit funny, initially, for a pic/art, to have non-verbals, thigh then I cross-check that hypocrisy as I remember how many times at galleries being asked questions of intent, and I simply raise my eyebrows as I cock my head silently… and play powerful witness to what the asker does. My job is already done at that point. Reasons are unreasonable. I’ve done my work, and if it can’t speak for itself, it’s lame. No judgment at all. It just is… or, it’s deaf to speaking evocative words. And, then of course There’s no accounting for taste… and maybe the artwork simply had nothing to say to them, either. πŸ™‚

    THIS, is not THAT. Excellent image, Trini! Just excellent. And, of course it’ll wiggle out of β€˜excellent’ to take its own flights and dives as IT so does. Thank I love it when I experience a piece of creation/artwork where the Both/And pulses as a heartbeat. Honestly, I’ve never seen it in pen and ink monochromatic before. Now, I have.

    Bless you, Trini, in all the magical ways you want and need and for just because for good measure. The deceptive simplicity of this piece just got released on me. The Geode awesomeness it is has cracked its seed hull and burst into the light… as a Wonderful Shadow Image.

    KuDOS! = Ku x 2! Don’t know what Ku is unless it is a mis-spelled Chu 1st Kanij of Ninijitsu hand gesture meditation… though I doubt it. That color would be yellow. This image is more aligned with the viewing of the Moon in the 14-segmented circle formed by the hands when encircled and wholehreartedly raised up to focus the Moon. The Nin, 9th, Kanji is Tao. It’s color is White. It sources all energies from unseen sources… and through the Hara or One Point 2 acu-inches below the naval… just like the Moon gettting it’s light from the unseen Sun… it lives…

    Like… WOW does this drawing LIVE! Excellent work. I love HOW evoked and influenced I have been upon further reflection. Certainly, zero reactive qualities in this image. Only responsive. Strong enough to be gentle, it touches in ways I’ve only seen in Soul Gardeners. Which tells me… this image will be added to the MiracleGro that my Soul Gardener uses to … well… ya know… do what Soul Gardeners do.

    Thank you…

    • Oh, I am so happy that this modest little piece could inspire you! πŸ˜ƒ. And your reflections around it takes my breath away. You are very eloquent. It’s fascinating to read your thoughts! Truly! Your interpretation also inspires me to draw more as it instills confidence in me, as the simplicity of this image could convey such a strong message. I am certainly not the most talented artist, I mean far from it, when it comes to the actual craft, but I do feel, if I may say so, that my creations make you feel something, I mean that there is emotion and life in the image. That is why I dare to share my simple art here.

      I really like what you say about soul gardening 😊. That really spoke to me. I also love that whole idea of β€œsoul gardener”. Thank you!

      And thank you for seeing the heartbeat of the eternity in this modest image. That touches me deeply 😊.

      • Rough timesβ™‘ but we are well. My daughter just turned 12! Do you still have your fairy stories online? We are needing lots of magic here. There is kind of an attack on childhood innocence. Darn it. If you know of any good magical links or books..or spiritual, creative.
        How are you?

      • Yes, I do still have them 😊. I’ll send you a link πŸ’–. Yes, it truly is an attack on innocence, Childhood innocence and all innocence. It’s difficult to preserve our joy and hopefulness.

        I have pretty much shut myself in in my own little world because at least that I can control. I still find innocence and magic there at least 😊😊.

        Oh, she is 12 now! Wow! It’s through children we keep a track of time and notice its rapid passing.

        I have been thinking of my granny who grew up during the Second World War. She was 7-12 during the wartimes. I mean, for a child that is like a whole lifetime! Imagine growing up in such uncertain times when you were never safe. When the world itself was a threat to you and your loved ones. How awful! Reminds me a bit of what’s going on nowadays. It’s of course not the same, but still… that uncertainty…not knowing what will come…it can be quite scary.

        When it comes to books and such…one of my favorite summer Comfort books is Seacrow Island by Astrid Lindgren. She might be a bit old for it, but I still enjoy it as an adult. It’s set in the Swedish Archipelago and is a celebration of childhood summers 😊😊. I also love Midsummer Madness by Tove Jansson. It shows how, even through great change, everything will turn out well in the end as long as we take care of each other and don’t give in to fear. It’s a very philosophical and sweet book. Meant for younger kids but also amazing for us adults! Jordyn being so insightful and sensitive will certainly get the underlying philosophy. I am sure I know a lot more! But I’ll get back to you after thinking some more 😊😊

      • Thank you! I am kind of shutting myself away a bit too while tending to my daughter’s physical, social, emotional needs at the same time. She’s done pretty well. I have much compassion for our ancestors. Even going to the store, it is hard to not be sad. That used to be my quick escape to go and exchange smiles. Thank you so much for the ideas! I some people say to encourage magic and fairies with the children right now and i thought of you!

      • Thinking about fairies…have you heard of The Faerie Magazine? It’s kind of like a Faerie and fantasy magazine meant for people of all ages. It’s lovely! I have done some writing for them. You can also get the electronic version of the magazine on their app and through digital bookshops. Oh, and I watched this lovely retro Disney movie here the other day called Fern gully, I think that is what it was called. It’s on the Disney streaming service. It was so lovely! 😊😊😊😊

  3. Nature’s Angel! That is very beautiful Trini, thank you for sharing. It gives hope that there is prayers to find a way forward for the earth, in all her ways πŸ˜€ ❀️ πŸ™πŸ½ πŸ¦‹

  4. Love the quantities of scale expressing themselves in the pic. Wonderful shift Of focus to redirect scale to each and one and all at one and the same time. Very dynamic image of The All as one. Well, at least that’s what I see,

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