Don’t try to hide your “flaws”

Our weaknesses are our strengths and our strengths are our weaknesses. Impatient people are often very efficient, efficiency often also indicates impatience. Lazy people are often very patient, but patient people can be lazy. Sensitive people have a lot of empathy, but people with a lot of empathy sometimes need comfort more than the people they are having empathy for. And so it goes on an on…

And of course this goes for our physical appearance too. Imagine if nobody felt the need to sweat away hours in a gym to obtain the perfect swimwear body. Imagine if we all just came to the beach like we were. Wouldn’t we all breathe a sigh of relief? The truth is, people who actually have the guts to do that, to admit their “imperfection” and just shrug their shoulders at it are often the ones who are perceived as being “perfect”. We love such people because they make us feel good about ourselves, they give us courage to shrug our own shoulders and meet the world as we are.

Don’t try to hide your “flaws”, make them your strengths instead. A weakness is just a strength in disguise. Be like the Lotus flower in the photo, let your “imperfections” become the trademark of your individuality, what makes you uniquely you. 😊😊

26 thoughts on “Don’t try to hide your “flaws”

  1. Wonderful post, Trini. And, I love how you express that openly showing your flaws can as well make other feel better about themselves, stop holding their ‘am I good enough’ breath, let down their shoulders, and exhale a sigh of relief.

    Your Lotus picture — exquisite in itself, and for the post reminds me of going through a 2 1/2-year debilitatingly tough time, and one of my friends chimed in, “Man, wow! Man, you’re through it. You did it. I’m so glad you’re not in that place anymore. What are you going to do now?” I’m pretty sure my face lit up, “Ohhhh boy. Now… Now, it’s time to grow a Lotus out of this (insert expletive) mud.”

    Thank you for the post and re-surfacing a grand memory of mine.

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