28 thoughts on “You are linked together with the Universe

  1. Love the Psychic Synapse Fool Leaps As reall and cyclical in mini-moments like rpms in the engine of action, connected I never way at every time. Iโ€™ll add this from Louis I. Kahn:|

    โ€œWhat has, has always been.
    What is, has always been.
    What will be, has always been.โ€

    And add my own… after โ€œwhat has, is , and will be has always been.โ€
    Each birth is brilliant in its Age.

    This is quite a wonderful Stargate into the wormholes of imagination That go infinitely in to adventure us out to the far reaches of every place of the Universe and places we arenโ€™t yet aware of.

    Hereโ€™s to surfing over the liminal interior horizon into the Beyond to adventure for Inner Inheritance treasure, and then surfing back over the liminal horizon every time you put pen or pencil or brush to paper fully infused with the wondrous splendor you return with like a bee with pollen for honey. May your creations be the pollen of you made into honeyed ambrosia… also from your Natural Nature.

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