Don’t lose who you are

Being able to adjust to a situation and to people around you is a great quality! In fact, Darwin’s theory of “the survival of the fittest” has been revised to “survival of the most adjustable.” However, don’t adjust so much to situations and people that you lose who you are and eventually end up being dominated by forces taking advantage of your accommodative nature.

10 thoughts on “Don’t lose who you are

  1. Love this Trini! 🙂 I most appreciate your strong gesture to promote that people take care of their boundaries. It’s much easier to adjust, to adapt, when you clearly feel who you are and what is healthy for you versus what to simply overlook. Sovereignty, empath, compassion, and whole-body listening without charge or need to take on or be triggered by what someone expresses… simply listen. Heck, sometimes with that, even if they are directing it at you, and you are only a listening mirror reflecting with no words… they solve out their own issue and see in themselves what they were so unconmfortable with to put it outside themselves.

    It pairs nicely with my recent post “The Adaptable & Our Thrival”

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