Barred from the world

This is my artistic expression, or comment, on what’s going on in the world today. We are continuously told to be positive and make the best out of it, but it’s also important to be allowed to express frustration, sadness, fear and loneliness. It is okay to feel those things AND to express them 💖.

21 thoughts on “Barred from the world

  1. Hi Trini. I couldn’t agree more. I try so hard to keep it positive because I do believe that our energy affects everything around us. But sometimes…you just have to cry. You just have to let it all out. So many things are so sad right now. For sensitive people like you it is hard to not be affected by all of this sadness. I agree that you have to feel what you feel. But I wish for you to be able to shield yourself a little from the sadness. Sending you lots of love and light ❤

    • Thank you, Lorrie 💖💖. I do try to shield myself by not checking death tolls and number of new infections every day. But it is a balance. You want to keep updated, but only on the essential. It does help though to artistically express my emotions like I do here. The worst thing to do, at least for me, is to try to ignore the negative emotions, then they just build up inside until I develop physical symptoms. Keeping hopeful is key, and I am definitely hopeful 💖😊. I am an optimist at heart. 💖

      • I know you are, Trini😊😊 And I understand what you say. There is a balance. And I understand how the emotional burden causes physical symptoms so well. I listen or read when I can…and the times when I feel an overload, I take a break.
        Stay well my friend. Keep creating and expressing your soul💜

    • Yes! Sometimes I feel it’s a bit absurd when we don’t acknowledge the immense loss of life that has happened this year. I think people are too concerned about their own safety sometimes to take it all in. But it’s a tragedy and we need to admit to that. It is possible to mourn lives lost and feel hopeful for the future at the same time. 💖

  2. There’s a balance to be struck somehow – looking down, looking away – fixating on the dark deeds and minds – preserving higher view, trust God, still do your part?

    • Yes, there certainly is. And we humans have a beautiful capacity to feel all this at the same time 😊. We don’t have to “choose” between hope and fear, optimism and sadness, we can allow ourselves to feel it all 😊😊

    • Yes, I absolutely agree, Mark! I think some of the reasons why so many struggle with mental health issues are that we are not “allowed” to safely express negative emotions. It is almost “taboo” to admit to loneliness, fearfulness and hopelessness. People are afraid to be judged as losers in a heavily influenced “social media world” where likes are confused with worth and where followers are the way to measure popularity and success.

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