This self-portrait is inspired by my favorite photographer “Morten Krogvold” who, in his portrait photos, tries to capture the unique essence hidden within each person. Their soul if you want. The method he uses is to try to make the “model” talk about what they are passionate about while he photographs them. I have here used a timer function.

39 thoughts on “Self-Portrait

  1. I adore this idea. I love to see this kind of art. As a shaman, I see right into people’s souls and recognize my own humanity within each of my brothers and sisters. Beautiful expression here my friend ❀

    • I love that! So cool that you are a shaman! Shamanism fascinates me! I feel that when we really look at other people, I mean really see them, we can see the mirror reflection of the whole universe in their eyes! Thank you so so much for your beautiful comment!

      • My pleasure my dear❀ Shamanism is an absolutely miraculous experience and one I’m regularly in awe of. Every single personI work with is a unique case. I have always wondered why I wasborn with the gifts and eccentricities I have, why I knew things about people without being told etc. Now my entire world makes sense. Seeing people on soul level is so intimately beautiful. Thank you for recognizing this and adding to the beauty by being the artist you are❀

  2. Yes your essence says you can convert the entire world into a magical wonderland Trini. And yes, you’ve already started. The magic is spread each post you make πŸ˜€ ❀️ πŸ™πŸ½ πŸ¦‹

    • Oh, thank you, Mark!! I think sometimes instead of trying to “save the world” we can just be and live as our authentic selves and that, I believe, is enough to make the world just a tiny bit brighter! (sorry about the lack of emojis, I am on a laptop and I don’t think I can access them here)

      • Yes Trini, we only ever give out what we are, and if we haven’t healed our hearts first we only give out that unhealed way of being. Just heal and be us and the world will sing in seeing what they too can be, that self love we deny ourselves most of our lives.
        Oh no, no emoji’s. That’s like writing with no ink my friend πŸ˜‚ 🀣

      • Beautifully said, Mark! Thank you for sharing your heart here. It means a lot!

        I know about the emojis! It is very frustrating! But on the other hand, it is soooo much easier to type on a laptop so I find myself writing more in the comments, so that is good!

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