Return to Loveliness

January has been a cold and quiet month filled with musical inspiration, new flavors, and candlelit soirรฉes.

There has been carnelian dawns, empty roads and open seas.

There has been angels and evening birds, frosted forests and sunny lanes.

All in all, it has been a quiet return to loveliness in a world gone quite mad.

22 thoughts on “Return to Loveliness

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  2. world gone mad is right….riots in russia, military coup in myanmar and of course all the political crap going on here in the usa. not to mention the continuing world pandemic.

    • Yeah, that is right! And I feel at all kind of started with the pandemic. It is like people are running around frightened to death, but instead of dealing with their existential fears they use it as an excuse to lose all sense of decency, kindness, compassion and moral, and just act on a “well, the world is going under and we are all going to die anyway so what is the point of being a good person” mentality, It is scary. Makes me feel so disappointed in humans! Many seem to have lost faith in the world as a good place and act on frustration and fear. If anything, that is what will end the world: people’s fears and frustration and loss of hope, not a pandemic!

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