Being and Empath

I’d rather



than see you


in life.

I’d rather

be the one


than see you


And no,

this is not

a love poem.


are the one reading

this poem

and everyone

who is not.

You see,

if it is my


it is mine

to heal.

If it is your


it is still mine

but not mine

to heal.

15 thoughts on “Being and Empath

  1. I feel ya, from one Empath to another. I told a job candidate a few weeks back that “Your pain is my pain.” But what I did not say is that I can’t carry his pain or solve his problems. He was using his life struggle as a reason to stall on a job offer. Time waits for no man, and neither does business.

    • Yeah, I know what you mean, sometimes it can even get really frustrated when people “choose” to not even attempt to solve or heal from issues. It can become difficult to be around such people in the long run.

      • Agreed. In that case, I don’t stick around for the shit show. In fact, next week’s podcast on “Thousand First Dates” is about this exact topic… how I dated a substance abuser/codependent and I did not stick around for his shit show.

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