15 thoughts on “Unsaid words

  1. Your words remind me of a relationship I was in almost 20 years ago, though sometimes it seems less distant. I’m so glad to have gotten out of that. Be safe and know you are valuable. In between fighting and running for your life is taking a step back.

  2. Your moving poem resonates with me. So much so, I was just working on a poem with the same title. I had to read your title twice to make sure I was reading correctly. 😁 Fun coincidence!

    • Cool! Thank you! If you post your poem can you put a link to it here in the comments so that perhaps others on my blog can read it too? Only if you want. I love when such things happen!

      • You are welcome. I saw that phrase one more time yesterday (not on WP). Funny coincidence times three. I am not sure if my first thoughts and draft will turn into something worth sharing, but if it does make the light of day, I will most definitely share on your blog. Thank you for asking and offering. 🙏🏻

      • Thank you! I always think those coincidences are signs in a way, maybe the subconscious trying to tell us something… I have dreamed of horses and unicorns two nights in a row now. Must mean something, I think. Have a lovely rest of the week!

      • I absolutely agree with you. I do my best to pay attention when coincidences show up. I revisited my “unsaid” notes, for that reason. We will see if the “unsaid words” turn into coherent words. 😁 You are having an interesting dream week! It means something, I am not sure what that something is, but it is definitely something! 🐴 🦄 Thank you, you do the same and sweet dreams!

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