Defensiveness is NOT confidence.

Having the last word is NOT confidence.

Raising your voice louder than is NOT confidence.

Standing tall is NOT standing above.

True confidence is the soul’s immune system,

Knowing who you are independent of

other people’s opinions.

Knowing who you are and

calmly being yourself without needing

to prove or affirm yourself.

True confidence is meeting people

with empathy detached from your own ego,

seeing the soul behind the words expressed.

When you are truly confident you never question

your worth or your ability to love

and be loved in return.

When you are truly confident you never question

other people’s worth or their ability to love

and be loved in return.

When you are truly confident there is no need

to stand up for yourself because

you already are standing.

20 thoughts on “Confidence

  1. Beautiful words dear lady, each and every one of them. And your right, when a heart can stand on its own without the aid of anything, it knows unconditional and is free šŸ˜€ ā¤ļø šŸ™šŸ½ šŸ¦‹

  2. Beautifully said. And this got me to thinking that we do not ever really know the effect our kindness has on people. Even if we don’t see them much. Just a dash of kindness, a pinch of sweetness, like cooking! Just a little bit of something good, and swoosh, in comes the unexpected breeze in someone’s else’s day that gets them through. it has always amazed me how even the toughest person can still be touched by a sweet smile and kind word. Our world needs that so much today. May we all have the courage and strength and resilience to shine our light irregardless of our circumstances.

    • Yes!! I so so so agree with you! I live by those words! I have had that happened to me so many times! A small kindness from a stranger has brightened my day. So I try to always do the same myself.

  3. A very beautiful definition of confidence Trini.
    We often got the wrong one or worse some people try to want us to act different, as their definition is the opposite of ours.
    Thank you. ā¤

    • Yes! That has happened to me a lot! People want to “improve” me to make me fit into their standards of … well…whatever… A confident person, an adult, a good person, a successful human being… you get the picture. It is done with the best of intentions, but from a place of ego instead of empathy.

    • Thank you, Eliza! I wrote this because I got a bit provoked when I watched a tv-series. It was about a girl who was very sensitive and sweet and everyone is her life tried to toughen her up saying she was fragile and didn’t have confidence. In the end they succeeded, and we got to see her hitting a guy who was a bit rude and swearing at people who put her down and I just thought it was so sad to see people trying to teach young girls “confidence” by making them mean, rude and vulgar. And afterwards I wrote this poem!

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