The way your parents loved you is the way you learn to love yourself. A part of growing up is learning to take care of yourself like your parents took care of you when you were little. Unfortunately not everyone was cared for and loved they way they needed to, and this is often reflected in the way they later take care of and love themselves.

10 thoughts on “Self-Love

    • I think you kind of have to learn about love yourself … like maybe thinking how you love others, or how you want to be love, and love yourself that way. One thing that could work is to find a childhood photo of yourself and look at that little child and think how much they deserved to be loved and then remind yourself that you are still that child deep inside and love the child in you the way it needed to be loved in the past.
      Another thing is to think how you yourself love the people dearest to you and remind yourself that you are just as much worth as them. I mean, if we agree that everyone deserves love equally and that we all have equal worth then that includes ourselves as well, right? Some of us treat our friends and family better than we treat ourselves and when the love we give is not given back to us in equal measure we can lose our self-esteem a bit, and I think that is when we have to actually treat ourselves the way we treat our family and friends, with the same love, tolerance and respect. Just a few things that work for me at least. Hope it is somehow helpful…

      • Thank you so much for the thoughtful reply. I didn’t expect, but I do appreciate it, especially the exercise about looking at that photo of yourself as a child with that mindset. Thanks again, see you around online sometime

  1. Wise words dear lady. And most certainly, even though painful in those conditions we unintentionally learn from, is the path to a love unconditional 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

    • Oh, yes! We can certainly overcome it, but like you say we have to first be conscious of it, so that we are no longer on just “autopilot”, and I think many might need the help of a therapist to do that.

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