June Blooms

June has been a challenging month. It is one of my favorite months of the year, but this June has been different. The world continues its days of isolation and exclusion and in my private life some things have been shaky. But let’s not talk about that.

June is the softest of the summer months. It is a month of hope. And of flowers. Daisies, climbing Morning Glory, Snapdragons and Violets.

It is a month of white birds heading to sea, pastel sunrises while people sleep and boats leaving port to sail the ocean blue. It is a time for bonfires and picnics, summer dresses and pink lipstick smiles hiding secrets you will never know.

It is the start of the summer holidays. Family time, friends being away, melancholy… Late night barbecues and pop songs you will remember for the rest of your life because of some annoying refrain and memories of tipsy crowds singing those annoyingly catchy lyrics out of tune.

It is a time of nostalgia…Childhood summers and first crushes, grandparents and late night parties. It is a time when the world hits pause and lets its inhabitants do what they want for a while. But not this year. This year is different. The world has been on pause for over a year and no one can do what they want.

We are all tired. Tired of iron fists keeping us from what and whom we love. We are so tired of pulling the leash that we almost rather want to take the risk of running across the busy freeway just to feel that we are free to run again.

I miss those summers. The summers when I was free to do what I wanted. Even if it was just to lie down in a meadow and smell the June Blooms. Because it was my choice, and that is what makes all the difference.

36 thoughts on “June Blooms

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  2. Such beautiful pictures. I am glad you have not lost your view and joy for all this beauty. I hope everything in your life goes better soon again.

  3. Wow, Trini. REALLY loved this, words and images! ❀️ So beautiful, even the melancholy. Here’s a hug for what we’re not talking about: πŸ€— πŸ’•

    • Haha! Hug to you too! I didn’t mean to be mysterious, it is just that I don’t like to talk about my private life here. I am pretty open about personal stuff, but when it comes to my private life I don’t want to talk about the people in my life out of respect for them. Thank you so so much, dearest Laura! I love love love that you found the melancholy bits beautiful too!

  4. I appreciate the beauty of nature here, giving us hope and confidence to approach the coming days with strength. Yes, we have been all through time times, but hey, nature stops to cheer us up.

    • Yes! It certainly does! It reminds us to take care of it and put its care first, before anything else. After all our lives depend upon it. Nature is everything. Thank you! Much love to you!

  5. Love and light to you dear Trini, it is indeed a difficult time, a testing time that will ask us where we are. Be with the summer, be with the flowers and bee’s, and even smell them all…even if your stuck inside.
    I’m currently in a 14 day isolation inside because I talked with someone who had been deep in ‘enemy’ territory. I don’t want to give it to my 92 year old mum, or my lovely old sweet neighbor…or even the kid next door. I just want us all to do summer again, lots of agains, and lots of smelling and feeling all that summer does.
    But I could not feel well inside or out if I passed it on. 14 days really doesn’t mean much. And in fact, because of my immune system I have been practically ‘locked up’ for the last 18 months so I am becoming used to the silence and even the lovely stories that you and fellow bloggers are sharing. And for a birthday present today I was given something very, very special. A whale swam into our channel leading into the lake and has stayed, they think she may be going to give birth. I’ve been watching her with my binoculars all day, and for being stuck inside it is one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever been given. A treat to witness such a magnificent creature who may be about to share something even more wonderful. Being a mother and sharing that journey with me. And thank you for sharing yours dear lady, you too always bring a smile, even on those grey days it is even more a blessing. Love and light kind lady, who knows, maybe you too will be blessed within this ‘isolation’ too πŸ˜€ ❀️ πŸ™πŸ½ πŸ¦‹

    • I love that whale story, Mark! Please give updates on that when or if something happens! You are so so lucky!! I love whales! But I have never actually seen one. Or I thought I saw one from a plane window once, but I don’t know…Isolation is tough, but I agree, I deal with it rather well. could probably have thrived as a nun! Haha! But I do not do well with being kept away from my loved ones. I don’t think it is right of the government to do that. In my opinion that goes against the human rights. Anyway, happy happy birthday to you, Mark! What a lovely birthday surprise!

      • Thank you kind lady, another year of growing my heart a little more open πŸ˜€
        Ok, update one. The whale is still here and seemingly (this is what I can feel), quite agitated…as in she is about to give birth or there is something wrong. Plus she surfaces quite often which is unusual. And thankfully the local Marine Service has got a couple of boats to make an exclusion zone and stop the swarms of boats from pestering her. I hope it is a birth, it would be wonderful to see something like that up close and share the moment.
        And big hugs dear lady, it is quite restrictive all of this and the Delta version of the virus is going to make it even harder because it is very easily caught and cause more restrictions. We’ve been very lucky here because they hit it hard and fast so that the restrictions were short and over with quickly but alas the Delta has just hit and they’ve closed down Sydney quickly to stop the spread. They ‘seem’ to have hold of it but it takes very little to spread it further afield. Love and light Trini, may it be fast and summer embrace you as it should . Lots of love xo πŸ˜€ ❀️ πŸ™πŸ½ πŸ¦‹

  6. As we close out June and move to July, I send you good and inspired thoughts and vibration. Hold on to all that is good and allow the light to fill in any vacant spaces within. Take care and you are appreciated 🌟

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