Will we flow along with the changes?

Pure faith and guileless motives inspire trust and love. Your connection to your faith, religious or not, is part of your life’s purpose. Notice how messages in your surroundings become clearer when you pay attention to this connection. Messages can be signs, like a spontaneous meeting with an animal or a dream you keep having, or just an intuitive feeling. The energy of transformation surrounds us all, will we flow along with it or resist it? It might manifest differently for different people, notice the additional meanings of these changes and which message clicks as your truth.

9 thoughts on “Will we flow along with the changes?

  1. This makes me think that I’m sort of like an irrigation expert, where I channel my energy into the area that I want to grow. This is why understanding values/faith is so important.

  2. It is an interesting journey dear Trini, and our ‘listening’ goes along with what we hold within our hearts. In the beginning mostly rocks in our rapids but slowly we widen out and become calmer as we let those rocks go. Great post my friend, and I love that river. It is lovely to see so much water and green from a land very parched and dry…but oh do we appreciate some rain when it arrives 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋 😂 🤣

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