10 thoughts on “Always gonna find my way home

  1. Do you have those lovely creatures just wandering wild through the woods Trini (even though this one seems to be wandering along a tarred road…or do they go so fast they need a speed limit 🤣)? That would be so special to still have nature as nature though. Mind you, I understand the fences for farmers and towns etc but to have wild areas where they can just be themselves would be fantastic 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

    • Reindeer wander freely. I mean, not in the entire country though (not because they cant, but because their naturally habitat is in the north) , but they are free to be wild. Most of them are owned by Sami people, but they are still kind of wild, not kept behind a fence or anything. It is the people who have to follow the reindeer around as the reindeer naturally move pasture from winter to summer. We do have entirely wild reindeer too though. But only in the north.

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