To feel loved

I feel loved by feeling that I am enough.

That I deserve everything just because I am.

To be comforted when I am sad,

Forgiven when I make a mistake,

To be heard when I speak up,

To be understood when I try to explain my emotions.

To be encouraged to pursue my own definition

Of happiness no matter what that is.

I feel loved by feeling that I am lifted when I fall,

To be allowed to have a voice when I am angry,

And to cry like a child when I need to,

Laugh like a child when I want to

And dance like a child when I feel like it.

That is how I feel loved.

That is how you make me feel loved.

To make me feel that I am enough and that I

Deserve everything just because

I am.

21 thoughts on “To feel loved

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  2. “To be understood when I try to explain my emotions”

    This is so, so important. Some people can go for too long without having this experience. This for me conjures a slideshow of memories of never being understood by my parents πŸ˜†. No matter what it was, they misunderstood every attempt, it’s hard to describe. Now I realise they just have shockingly low empathy, but I used to think they were stupid or cruel, or both. It was a surrealistic experience.

    • Oh, I so so know what you mean!! I feel misunderstood all the time. Even though I am pretty good at explaining my emotions. it’s like people don’t believe me almost, that because I calmly put my emotions into words they aren’t real. I have also sometimes been told that “no, that is not how you feel, it is more like …” I mean… as though other people can decide what I am feeling. It is really absurd! I know that because I am an HSP and an Empath I am different than others, but it is like people can’t accept that, like they need me to be a copy of themselves otherwise the world doesn’t make sense. I have also been told that it is wrong to feel what I feel or been laughed at or made fun of for having the emotions I have. Funny thing is … I would never ever ever do that to anyone else! But maybe yes, it is true what you are saying … it is an empathy thing. Being an empath is hard because you “get” everyone else, but nobody “gets” you.

      • “Funny thing is … I would never ever ever do that to anyone else!”

        This has been my ever-repeated maxim in my head…in so many situations ever since a child. It was heartbreaking. It’s definitely a really, really lonely life being a HSP empath. It’s a huge achievement just to survive the external and self-gaslighting until you get to meet others like you who can validate it all.

        “Being an empath is hard because you β€œget” everyone else, but nobody β€œgets” you.”

        Exactly, exactly. It’s a one-way street. And this is really, really hard for non-empaths to get!

      • You are absolutely right, It is lonely. Not truly being understood is lonely. Sometimes you feel that there is something wrong with you, especially when you are very young. I don’t feel like that anymore, but I do sometimes feel frustrated or tired of having to “fight” for the right to feel the way I feel. It is tough living in a world that is perceived, by the majority of people, as so profoundly different than your own world. I feel though, that within the realm of art, this is a strength. Because in art originality is everything.

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