25 thoughts on “Head in the clouds

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      • Yeah, I think so too, but I am quite partial! Haha! I am actually watching a “Flying over” video on YouTube at the moment. It’s from California. You just kind of think of L.A and San Fran when you think of California, but it really has some rather breathtaking nature too!

      • Oh, my, yes. The coast is protected from development, and north of SF is where the redwood forests are. If you ever went, I’d recommend flying into SF and driving north…it is SO beautiful.
        But the wildfires are devastating more and more of the area every year. Pretty sad. 😦

      • Yes! I just saw a documentary about the redwood forests. I just loooove those trees!! I want to hug them! Haha! I saw that one tree was 83 meters tall and 1500 years old!! Wow! Amazing! My cousin lived in San Diego for 8 months, but I couldn’t afford to go visiting him then, but maybe one I will get there!

        Oh, and yes, I heard about the wildfires. It really is horrible! I wish they could do something to stop it from happening …

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