Wayside Love

I have walked in small shoes for days. Back and forth. Sometimes pebbles wear down my socks. Sunny ditches free of frost border roads. I walk alongside them.

Deeper into days that roll over, brush against my blue legs, wanting to be scratched. I bend down to pick up the shiniest stones and store them in my pockets. I tuck beachy sand with broken shells around my beds.

I walk every day. To my room, to the city, to the beach. With my head in gray clouds I search for glimpses of light with shaded eyes. Seagulls watch me from white poles. They scream. Scream. Screaming to be fed by the sea gushing under bridges. I walk on bridges.

Bridges over boats. I look into eyes of stone floating on surf. Smile. Smile to the sea. Smile to me. Before we blow away. Fall into yellow ditches. Fall into wayside Love.

21 thoughts on “Wayside Love

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  2. Your words show the beauty of the newly awakening nature. I think everybody is happy that the days are becoming longer again. Enjoy the wonderful days, nature, and your wonderful surroundings, Trini!

  3. Your drifting in Spring dear Trini, it’s warming…but still a little cold from your memories. But you will get warmer because they change you…more loving, more compassionate with more empathy. That is the love those memories share ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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