When Autumn comes

When autumn comes,

With its darkness and decay,

We have no time to travel

In the olden dreams and days

Making us breathless with longing.

We must thrill in the shadows of gold,

Sweep the smoke-blue sea of dawn

Into those closed rooms

Of a heart wishing to be home

Where leaves fall from eager eyes,

To see the purple clamoring dusk

Hailing the music of a day to come.

Upon the threadbare fringes of a dream

Upon the threadbare fringes of a dream

The touch of Hope’s hand sweeps

The cobwebs free and the pattering dance

Of dawn’s gracing light mends the paths

Across the sea till afar where time

Is slow in passing and your courage is brimmed

And your heart is full with family, friends, love

And a home where you belong.

A wishing wind with hope in its hands

There is a wishing wind with hope in its hands

Faring forth across this sunwarmed land

And the first days of lavish haste blows

Joy to life in the past’s crisscrossing wake.

Let us leave the ways of evergreen moors

Like questing birds through memories curling

Like white shadows in blue tide.

Who knows what the great beyond has in store,

Whose salty lips the praying future has kissed,

But we are in pilgrim mood sailing on outbound ships,

Our dreams already there rejoicing in spirit

On love’s beckoning shores.

When the days ahead are misty

When the days ahead are misty,

No birds, no sun, no horizon,

Only pasturing clouds blocking

The shimmering view,

When the nights expand their hours

Like an endless starless sea

And your heart feels like a mellow sunset

Farewelling its summertime quest,

Remember your soul is the captain

Immune to the darkness ahead.

Where the days are stainless

If I went far away to where the days are stainless

and all thoughts are perfect and pure,

where the heart drifts like a purring wind

into the sweetness of youth

and my dreams and my life are all in tune.

Where the lightness of hope colors in

The long, rare days of hours to come,

Where there are no worries, no grief, not a care in the world,

I know for sure that I would bloom like a new-born soul

Growing roots once more in the soil

Where I was born.

In the broken days that bloom

In the broken days that bloom

Like rusted rubies on the gray horizon

Life is waiting for you to be its forerunner

To bravely and undaunted make a change

Scattering your seeds of joy into the soul

So that you can grow young again

Beneath a new sky lettering a message of love

In joyous tears of reborn snow.