Whispers of Spring

February has been a month of celebration filled with birthday cakes, boxes of chocolate and early mornings steeped in rose.

There has been flirtatious violets, swoonworthy romances and sunny windows catching dreams and turning them into books.

There has been pictures of Italy, poems of fire and beauty, and cranky creepy crawlies waking up from winter’s sleep.

There has been music; happy tunes awash in daisy blues, dragonflies bewildered by city hues, and imaginary walks with imaginary dogs.

All in all, it has been a month of tiny whispers of things to come, to grow, to bloom. After all, “to wait” means that something good is coming your way.

Birthday Gratitude

Today is my birthday! Yay! And I want to celebrate it by expressing my gratitude to all of you who read, share and follow my blog. It means so much to me to feel that my life’s work is being appreciated and serves a purpose! I am not one of those who create solely to creative, my art definitely has a purpose and that purpose is to make a tiny contribution in making this world a little bit kinder, softer, safer, more compassionate and loving. By letting me know through comments, likes and follows that you appreciate my words, art and photos I feel like I am doing just that. So thank you so so much to all of you! I appreciate you so much; those of you who silently like and/or follow and those of you who share your thoughts in the comments. You are all precious to me!

Here I am at the very beginning of my life. Haha!!

Have a beautiful day and know that you matter!

Lots of love from Trini!

Free your creativity

When you compare yourself to others,

when you measure artistry in skill,

when you look for rewards and gratification,

true creativity is lost.

It has become chained to the material world,

to the courage and originality of others.

Therefor, to free your mind,

to free your creativity,

you must look inwards and create

for the sake of expression of self,

and not to affirm your artistic ego,

or to exalt your creative talent.