Let yourself feel loved

The only thing you need to do to feel loved is to let yourself feel loved, not by anyone, but in and of its own, and that is the only love that can be truly unconditional. Lock this knowledge in your heart and it will be a perpetually shining light even in the thickest darkness, like a seed covered in winter snow it will be your hope when the world is cold reminding you of who you are and of your truest nature.

Your Worthiness of Love

Your worthiness of love has nothing to do with how many people love you or how deeply loved you are. It exists entirely on its own, unneeding of anyone to acknowledge it, including yourself. It can not diminish nor increase because it is immeasurable in its immaterial infinity.


My Soul has tore
My skin apart
And scattered pieces
Of my heart like feathers,
And left them to dance like the wind.
Until I am
Nowhere and everywhere
With no gravity
To settle me.
I have colored
My whereabouts
In shades of gold,
Leaving my presence untied
To behold.
But on that last day
I will collect and restore
My broken wings
And let them,
Slowly and confidently