When Autumn comes

When autumn comes,

With its darkness and decay,

We have no time to travel

In the olden dreams and days

Making us breathless with longing.

We must thrill in the shadows of gold,

Sweep the smoke-blue sea of dawn

Into those closed rooms

Of a heart wishing to be home

Where leaves fall from eager eyes,

To see the purple clamoring dusk

Hailing the music of a day to come.

A wishing wind with hope in its hands

There is a wishing wind with hope in its hands

Faring forth across this sunwarmed land

And the first days of lavish haste blows

Joy to life in the past’s crisscrossing wake.

Let us leave the ways of evergreen moors

Like questing birds through memories curling

Like white shadows in blue tide.

Who knows what the great beyond has in store,

Whose salty lips the praying future has kissed,

But we are in pilgrim mood sailing on outbound ships,

Our dreams already there rejoicing in spirit

On love’s beckoning shores.

When the days ahead are misty

When the days ahead are misty,

No birds, no sun, no horizon,

Only pasturing clouds blocking

The shimmering view,

When the nights expand their hours

Like an endless starless sea

And your heart feels like a mellow sunset

Farewelling its summertime quest,

Remember your soul is the captain

Immune to the darkness ahead.

In the broken days that bloom

In the broken days that bloom

Like rusted rubies on the gray horizon

Life is waiting for you to be its forerunner

To bravely and undaunted make a change

Scattering your seeds of joy into the soul

So that you can grow young again

Beneath a new sky lettering a message of love

In joyous tears of reborn snow.

Enchanted Living

September has been a month of celebrations, dreaming and change. It has been about walking in the right direction, making important decisions and following a long-lost calling.

Dreams need inspiration to be visualized and kept burning and inspiration has been an important part of September. Finally daring to think differently about the future after a long time of turbulence.

September has been about burning Ylang-Ylang and Sweet Orange in the morning, watching the rain pouring down, being charged to run from lightening, being shook by storms and eating sticky toffee cake for breakfast.

September has always been a month of transitions with unpredictable weather and lines being drawn on white paper. New music is being released and stories take on a new color before they are told in letters, on the radio, and in dreams at night.

I am starting to look forward to enchantments I thought had been forgotten and I am hopeful, and hope is a powerful tool when you are to build a new life.

Happy Autumn to you all! I hope I hope you do not go gently into the darkening days, but rather waltz on lollipop shoes to the tune of bees buzzing in their hive. Take care!

Letting go

Change your life by changing your thoughts. Let go of fearful thinking and plan a future that leads you to a more joyful life! An ending is always the path to a new beginning. A heart sometimes roars, but often it whispers, take time in your day to be quiet and listen to it. That is the only way to match your actions and your thoughts with who you truly are, and by doing that, be everything you can be!

A world that matches the soul

Some say I am lost in a dream,

in a world that does not exist.

But they are wrong. It does exist.

In the deep forests, the vast lakes,

the sparkle of the sea,

the blossoming of a wildflower.

They sit in their glass and steel offices

and laugh at me, calling me a child.

But one day, when life forces them to see,

really see through their eternal eyes

and not the cultured mind,

they will not laugh any longer.

For I believe that a world that matches the soul

is not a dream, but the real world.

The world that was always meant to thrive

before humanity learned to close their eyes

and call reality a dream.

The world needs you!

The world needs you, more than you need the world! Claim your light, embrace the warmth, give yourself confidence to step forward! Stay centered and grounded in your core and shine calmly, but steadily so as not to be too soon burned down by the inner drama of your emotions. You truly can make a difference! You are a creator of spiritual and creative abundance! Be innovative and follow your own path when it comes to career and purpose. Be an advocate for your principles and don’t let fear come in your way. Know when you are right and have the courage to never back down when you are called upon to claim your personal power. There is immense beauty in bravery!