Your life leaves a double footprint

Every day you infuse with life and love
Leaves a double footprint:
One on your soul,
And one on earth.
Your life makes a path like that:
One will lead others to greatness,
The other will lead you
Safely Home.


The Testimonial of Love

Of all the gifts our humanity has granted,
Longing is the most important one,
For it is the silent testimonial
Of love.

Making Flowers Grow

Your light wanted to lift
My tears to Heaven, one at the time,
But my grief was not ready to leave
And became rain instead,
Giving its lessons back to earth
And making flowers grow
And shallow lakes deepen.

Like green grass, like morning light

If you were a weed in a ditch,
If you were an afternoon persistently falling
Into night, I would still catch you
Like green grass, like morning light,
Until it was me you grew from,
Until it was me you fell into.