There is a light in you

There is a light in you

that never goes out

no matter who steps on you

it rages, spits.. flourish!

There is a light in you

that never goes out

no matter how hard you step on yourself

it rages, spits… flourish!

If you echo frost smoke from winters past,

if you extinguish your heart

and freeze your words,

it rages, spits… flourish!

If you forget yourself

it remembers,

if you stop loving yourself,

it loves for you.

It rages, spits… flourish!

If you stop existing,

it rebirths you,

if you drop to the ground,

it remains standing.

It rages, spits… flourish!

It does not rise and set like the sun,

become visible and invisible like the stars,

it has nothing to do with darkness or light,

being or non-being.

It rages, spits… flourish!

There is a light in you

that never goes out.

The Soul

Your soul is the trace

of someone you have always loved,

the familiar stream

of inexplicable memories

striking bargains with your rationality.

It is the listener to your heart

when you have lost your hearing,

and the second shadow

that you cannot see

because it is made entirely of Light.

Still the Love in your Heart

Still the love in your heart, make it real quiet,
So that it doesn’t go to waste.
Throw it not into the chasm of self-doubt.
I am here, your dance partner
On unsolid surface.
We’ll pedal together despite our spindly legs,
We’ll wobble on blessings if we have to
But we’ll never quite aim
for the river bank.

Your heart is an ocean of tenderness and vulnerability …

Don’t build a dam around it, let the rivers run wild and they will always find their way back to the ocean, a little wiser, a little more compassionate, after tenderly shaping mountains into valleys. Eventually it is the river that remains the same and the harsh rock that is forever altered.