Return to Loveliness

January has been a cold and quiet month filled with musical inspiration, new flavors, and candlelit soirées.

There has been carnelian dawns, empty roads and open seas.

There has been angels and evening birds, frosted forests and sunny lanes.

All in all, it has been a quiet return to loveliness in a world gone quite mad.

Quiet, hushed, we grow, we heal

Quiet, hushed, we grow, we heal,

We learn to understand

That everything is touched by time

And time must run its course.

Quiet, hushed, we grow, we heal,

We carry our souls like a torch.

We mind our spark, we balm our wounds,

We bring our courage forth.

And when time is right we rise again

To reclaim our newfound worth.

Still the Love in your Heart

Still the love in your heart, make it real quiet,
So that it doesn’t go to waste.
Throw it not into the chasm of self-doubt.
I am here, your dance partner
On unsolid surface.
We’ll pedal together despite our spindly legs,
We’ll wobble on blessings if we have to
But we’ll never quite aim
for the river bank.

Poetry of Home

I have drowned my soul
In the music of this land,
The Woods, the shores, the hills,
Until I have forgotten how to live
Anywhere else.
The tossing of the sea,
The stillness of sand in silver turmoil,
The storm-beaten trees bent in prayer…
But it is a life worth living
If your soul is on the speaking terms
With Poetry.

Dances with Light

“Dances with Light” is a small collection of poems about “The Isles of Shoals” written by American poet Kate Leigh. This is a delightful little collections of nature gems, verses celebrating the beauty and mystery of the group of small islands called “The Isles of Shoals” situated off the East coast of US on the border of Maine and New Hampshire.

It was just by coincidence I happened to stumble upon this beautiful book, but when I first opened it, I didn’t put it down until I had devoured the last poem. Kate Leigh’s poems carry a sense a nostalgia, romanticism and a fierce love of nature, in particular this group of islands where she spent must of her childhood, wrapped in a modern, simple, yet beautifully poetic language. Like in this little pearl called “ White Island Light”.

White Island Light

White Island Light
Steps from a velvet
Cloud, a dancer’s veil,
She sails
Within the fog’s embrace,
Her feet no longer touch
Blurred rocks.

I actually rarely like contemporary poetry, I often find it pretentious; presented in a way that only if you are a poetry connoisseur you will be able to decipher the lines and find meaning, or simplified to the banal; stripped of any romanticism or lyricism. This collection of poems is the opposite of that. The poems move me instantly, they are descriptive and instantly beautiful, and can even be read out loud to children as simple nature pieces, yet still having a much deeper meaning once you dive into them.

I highly recommend this little book, to nature lovers and to all those who have a special place in their heart where the feel at home and always long to go back to when they are away.

Thank you, Kate Leigh, for this gorgeous book!