Lost in mundanity

Sometimes, it is what you don’t say
You live by:
The sooted, almost-burned-down logs
That no one ever kindled
But that still warms
Your every thought,
Like smoke signals from a heart
Lost in a forest
Frozen by mundanity.


Frozen Trees

I have often stood with
One foot in the warmth
Of your shy caresses
And the other in the bitter
Taste of bleeding stars.
But when the days turned
Into a whirl of icicles
Breaking upon outlawed dreams,
I lifted the other foot
And stepped into the forest
Of your love,
And the frozen trees hummed
Quietly through
My thoughts.

It’s snowing on the treetops

It’s snowing
On the treetops
Casting long shadows
On a lake
Black and blue by
the moonlight
Sweeping white-glowing
Smelling of
Gripping around
My ankles
To keep
My secret from spilling
Into the deafness
Of the cleft