Walking through a Forest

Walking down a Forest path,

My heart start to grow roots,

My Soul spans out

Butterfly wings.

And I flutter undecidedly

Between Heaven and Earth.

And I expect I will keep at this dance

Until the beating of my Heart

Will be the beating of wings

And my roots will learn

To grow upside down.

Upon Your Heart

Upon your heart, that is lifted into dreams

And fenced in by fears, I promise:

A love extended beyond the winter’s horizon,

A sorrow to deliver beauty,

And a portion of my own breath

To exalt the night to holy communion

With the stillest and most evanescent,

Bewinged Light.

The Summer is past

The summer is past,

The days of sun is over and gone.

But lights appear on the earth

Against the darkening leaves.

The time of quiet light has come,

When it is you and I who are to scatter

The night sky with hope.

Arise, dear soul and find your place

In the constellation of your generation.

Sound your truth without fear,

For the night is there to help you shine,

Not to ravish your warmth.

Remember, it is only the sun

That turns your steps over to shadows.

You alone are a company of armies

Marching to the beat of a thousand hearts 

That came before you.

Come now, go forth with your gentle light,

Embrace your destiny,

And roses will surely bloom

In your wake. 

Barred from the world

This is my artistic expression, or comment, on what’s going on in the world today. We are continuously told to be positive and make the best out of it, but it’s also important to be allowed to express frustration, sadness, fear and loneliness. It is okay to feel those things AND to express them 💖.

I set myself on fire for you

Your arteries seem clogged with the debris of dreams,

The ghosts of your loves are edged into your skin.

I watch your eyes on me; deserted islands sunk into a milky sea,

And I set myself on fire for you …

Flames sputtering, dependably, icy into your veins,

Like an epiphanic drug swimming in your stead.

I convert you to me …

Making you an addict to my dreams.