Clouds rise from the sea

Clouds rise from the sea,
Something whispers in swirls of shining lies:
Moon after moon mirrored in shivers of blue.
A life has been poured tenderly into a watery mould:
The feather of a Sunbird making its way to the sky.
It is always that which leaves without a trace
That is remembered the longest.


When your courage flickers

When your courage flickers like a lit match,
Let me be the hand that shelters you.
My palms might be rough and calloused,
But that is just so that they won’t blister
When your flame starts to roar.

Sinking into the twilight

I am leaning against the pale November sun.
Longing towards the blue crests of sea.
My thoughts sinking into the twilight.
I hang one of them on the bluish black sky
Lighting the way into the Eveningland.
Among stars it disappears.
But it will still be there shining
For no one in particular,
Long after I am only a shadow drifting
Like smoke on the wind.