Paw Prints in the snow

I recognized my own panic
In the paw prints
Of a rabbit
Across the snow blanketed road
just before dawn.


The cadence of your soul

Your heart was like a forest lake
Pulling into it the summer night.
Your mind was like a grove
Of fir trees kneeling
Before the shadow-spirited fell.
The cadence of your soul
Was like a vein of sea
Too far inland to bother
About storms.
Your dreams were like the quiet whoosh
Of willows
On the heaven-scraping moors
In spring.
But your face…
Your face has been made invisible
By the transparent blue fog
Of time and distance.
Thank God, that was the most
Insignificant part
of who you were.

Into the mystery

The autumnal quiet
When all that’s left
Are pine needles and
A defenseless barren moor.
And the inflamed sky walks
Among pines, leaving
Bloody footprints among
Thorns. But I
Do not fear the quiet,
I do not need to hurry
Before dusk. I willingly
Poke holes
In my heart to let in
The night.

You cannot tame the night

You cannot tame the night
Even with the mild summer wind.
If you Season your heart
With sea salt;
With the bitterness of soil,
It will still stick to your rubber soles,
Lining every fold in your skin.
Obstinately, you can rattle
Its freedom –
Drifting among birch and maple,
Leafing through light saber hollows,
And whittling shadows into horrors.
But you cannot freeze the wings
Of life and death with your fear,
The night is like a wild animal:
A spring morning hiding in the fog,
A sharp north wind watering in your eyes –
It will come to you like a friend
When you stop chasing it
With your nets and chains,
Flashlights and hooks.

Where you hide your words

In leafy shadows
Where you hide your words
From the sun –
Evasive like the feathers of sparrows
In snow-winds,
Without knowing how a mute
Tender moon climbs into your eyes.
There is the hollow red blood
Of dying autumn –
An imploded loneliness
Where I sense you:
Your heart muscles and your
Stiff forest of nerves.
Your stone cold words
Hesitantly screaming
In vein for something
That was always yours:
My forgiveness.